Ocoanco offers Panama ship repair and maintenance in Panama to support the shipping industry.

Our repair and maintenance team consists of experienced professionals with expertise in the areas of marine engineering and maritime studies that guarantees optimal and safe performance of work.

Oceanco uses advanced equipment and technology combined with over 20 years experience in the area of maintenance and Panama ship repair .

Oceanco specializes in the repair of seagoing vessels

We supply services for classification, damage repair, modifications, preventive maintenance and (sale) inspections.

Oceanco repairs all possible damage to propeller shafts, shafts, rudders, engines and other systems. Likewise, we carry out metalwork to repair damage to the hull, surface, bilges, bow, etc. Thanks to our many years of experience and mutual cooperation, Oceanco is able to repair even the most complicated damage expertly.

Ship Repair Companies Panama


Throughout the jobs carried out over the years by our team, we gained substantial experience, developed and refined our repair technology and have successfully accomplished a great number of contracts for our national and international clients.

Steel fabrication & steel renewal

We fabricate and replace any piece of steel, above the water line, also general steel replacement in topside tanks, double bottom tanks, cargo holds and on desk.

Hatch covers repairs

We repair hatch covers with specialists for this particular job.

Pipe installation

We specialize in pipe replacement in double bottom tanks, pump rooms, cargo tanks, engine room, hydraulic systems, and at any other place may be necessary.

Tank cleaning and painting

Fast tank cleaning in double bottom tank, fuel tanks, cargo holds.

Sand and water blasting

Sand blasting and water blasting can be done on decks, topside tanks, and cargo holds.

Electrical work repairs

Electrical works can be done like motor rewinding generator repairs and any other type of electrical and electrical installation.

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