InicioMarine fire-fighting systems and equipment services Panama

Marine fire-fighting systems and equipment services Panama – Oceanco is licensed by the most authoritative marine registers for inspecting and issuing certificates verifying the good condition of ships fire-fighting systems and equipment.

Our competencies for servicing firefighting equipment are built around our internal training program to secure required maintenance, improved durability and reduced lifetime maintenance costs for the shipowners.

Oceanco provides the flexibility to choose between fixed prices or to use our attractive day-to-day prices of servicing of safety equipment on-board.

Highly qualified engineering specialists

Highly qualified engineering specialists inspect and control ships CO2 stations, foam, powder and halon fire-extinguishing installations, portable fire-extinguishers, air breathing apparatuses and fire alarm systems. The company applies modern technologies of shipping diagnostics.

We conduct a wide range of fire prevention and personal safety services for the maritime industry.

Marine fire-fighting systems and equipment services Panama

Required inspections

One of the key services we conduct is the required inspections and servicing of marine firefighting equipment and products to ensure flawless operation and optimal performance during any given conditions.

We currently offer a full range of marine fire safety inspections and supplies at our Panama locations. Our experienced technicians can perform inspection and maintenance on any of your below safety items.

  • Fire Detection & Extinguishing Systems including CO2, Hi-Fog, Dry Chemical, Foam and Smoke
  • Fire Extinguishers including Portable, Non- Portable, & Foam Applicators
  • Breathing Air Devices including Breathing Apparatus’s, Breathing Air Cylinders, Fit Testing, Emergency Escape Devices and Medical Oxygen
  • Hydro Testing of Fire Extinguishers, Compressed Gas Cylinders & Breathing Air Cylinders
  • Smoke & Fire Detection Systems
  • Halon Supply & Service
  • Foam Sampling & Testing
  • Gas Detection & Calibration
  • Oxygen Refilling

Well equipped workshop and logistical base

Our Safety Equipment Division provides maritime and industrial products and services, specializing in firefighting and safety systems on merchant ships and offshore installations. We are one of the market leaders in Panama  and we now represent all the major firefighting and safety equipment brands and manufacturers.

Our well equipped workshop and logistical base in Colon ensures convenient access to the offshore sector installations in the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean

Servicio de Sistemas y Equipos Contra Incendios Marinos en Panama
Marine fire-fighting systems and equipment services Panama

Our  Marine fire-fighting systems and equipment services Panama looks for your firefighting equipment to be in perfect condition in case of an incident on your ship. Contact us for more information

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