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Marine Fire Protection System Panama – Oceanco has been supplying quality marine fire protection and safety products and services to the shipping industries for many years.

Through our reliability and professionalism, coupled with persistence and hard work, we have built up a wide customer base, most of which being repeat international customers from around the world, geared towards meeting our goal of total safety solutions. Working faster and smarter Using in-house technology team to assist with tools that increase our productivity levels

Oceanco offers a range of specially designed marine fire fighting equipment for every size and model of ship.

Marine Fire Protection System Panama

Protect machinery and equipment

Oceanco offers solutions for all marine and sea fire fighting requirements, specialising in fixed fire fighting systems to protect machinery and equipment on board. Our Fixed fire protection equipments are Acetylene & Oxygen Distribution System, Deck Foam System, External Fire Fighting System, Fire Detection & Alarm System, High Pressure CO2 System, Local Application Fire Fighting System, Nitrogen Inert Gas System, Water Sprinkler System and ample Extraction Smoke Detection System

Internationally trained technicians

Our internationally trained technicians have unrivaled experience in the world’s many unique types of fire systems, portable extinguishers and Life safety appliances. Servicing all Commercial vessels, Superyachts and recreational vessels from across the globe. Oceanco has proven itself a leader in the marine fire safety and prevention industry. With an extensive knowledge of rules, codes and regulations within our industry, our technicians can help you navigate the muddy waters of code compliance.

Our employees are required to pass stringent training programs and continued education classes.

Through years of experience, Oceanco has formed strategic partnerships with the best safety product manufacturers, allowing us to offer a complete, comprehensive range of both SOLAS & USCG approved safety products.

Technicians and personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with scheduling, service or just information and advice.

Sistema de Protección Contra Incendios Marinos en Panama
Marine Fire Protection System Panama
Servicio de Sistemas y Equipos Contra Incendios Marinos en Panama

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