InicioMarine Chemicals and Gases Servicing in Panama

Whatever the situation, wherever your vessel is located, you need reliable marine chemical products that work efficiently and effectively.

MARICHEM MARIGASES Worldwide Services has been manufacturing and providing quality marine chemicals, coatings, chemical equipment, gases and refrigerants, welding machinery, accessories and equipment, and fire-rescue and safety services to the shipping and other industries for almost half a century.

Marine Chemicals and Gases Servicing in Panama

Water Treatment Products

A water treatment program from Oceanco will combine water treatment chemicals, equipment and methods that are appropriate for your equipment and are designed to work together. Factors that affect product selection include system pressure, temperature, flow rates and dosage requirements.

Tanks, pumps and chemicals as recommended by your Oceanco Service Engineer will be compatible with one another and deliver a long service life. Because our programs have an integrated components design, they optimize program effectiveness, maximize crew safety and minimize chemical consumption, and environmental impact.

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Water Treatment Services

Our service engineers train crew and conduct onboard water treatment tests to verify process control. They provide immediate feedback for corrective actions onboard and thoroughly document test


We can provide you with calibration services as per your requirements.

Portable and fixed gasdetection:

– Personal Gas Detection

– Inert Gas Detection

– Alcohol Measurement Detectors

– Calibration Gas Supplies

Refrigeration services

We offer refrigerating services to our customers – we are able to provide the following ones:

  • Repair of existing marine and shore based fridge installations
  • Routine maintenance services of marine air conditioning units and refrigeration units
  • Conversions of HCFC installations into HFC ones

For all mentioned jobs our company always provides experienced engineers.

For our customers all refrigeration jobs might be arranged even in relatively short notice.

Marine Chemicals and Gases Servicing in Panama

Service and maintenance

Each refrigerating system must comply with environmental regulations therefore should be periodically checked by professional engineers. Refrigeration systems require special equipment to be applied for maintenance and repairs. Therefore ships crew might be not able to carry out maintenance on their own. Our company is able to service mostly every system beginning from routine check of installation through corroded pipes exchange to replacing old compressors with new ones.

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