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Maritime Fire Prevention Products in Panama- the safety of your ship and the crew depends to a large extent on the equipment and systems against fire that you have, Oceanco can provide you with a great variety of solutions

Deck Foam Fire-extinguish System (low-expansion foam)

Deck Foam Fire-extinguish System is to be installed for extinguishing fire on deck on chemical, product and oil tankers with low-expansion foam as regulated by SOLAS, IBC Code and/or etc..

The system is actuated locally and manually. Regular protein type of expansion foam is used except chemical tankers who carry liquid cargo with a flashpoint of 61 deg.C. or less for which the foam of alcohol resistant type is used.

There are two types of systems for mixing foam concentrate and pressurized water.

One is called as “Pump Proportional” type that has an exclusive pump to deliver foam concentrate to a mixing appliance.

Another one is call as “Tank Proportional” type that have pump for delivery of foam concentrate but pressurized water is delivered to a foam concentrate tank for mixture.

Maritime Fire Prevention Products in Panama

Fire suppression — Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid

Novec 1230 fluid extinguishes a fire before it starts by rapidly removing heat. In a typical total flooding system, the fluid is stored as a liquid in cylinders pressurized with nitrogen. Automatic detection sensors trigger release when the fire is at the incipient stage, extinguishing it in mere seconds.

Novec 1230 fluid evaporates 50 times faster than water. In fact, you could soak a paperback book in a bath of Novec 1230 fluid and within a minute, pick it up and read where you left off.

Maritime Fire Prevention Products in Panama

DRY CHEMICAL Fire Extinguishing System

Dry Chemical is a powder composed of very small particles usually of sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, urea-based potassium bicarbonate, or monoammonium phosphate with added particulate material supplemented by special treatment to provide resistance to packing, resistance to moisture absorption (caking) and the proper flow capabilities


  • Interruption of the chain reaction sequence.
  • Heat absorption effects

Multipurpose Dry Chemical is usually monoammonium phosphate-based and is effective on fires in ordinary combustibles, such as wood or paper, as well as on fires in flammable liquids, etc

Low Pressure CO2 System

The Low-Pressure Carbon Dioxide (LP CO2) System is a proven solution in Maritime Fire Prevention Products in Panama when used to protect areas that require multiple suppression cycles, expansion capabilities, numerous hazards or more than 5000 lbs of CO2.

LPCO2 TankCO2 is an odorless, colorless, inert gas that extinguishes fire primarily by diluting the oxygen that supports combustion. It is applied by either the “total flooding” or “local application” method. CO2 is not recommended for normally occupied spaces, except when other means of fire protection are not effective.

Oceanco can also take charge of the maintenance of your equipment against fire, contact our executives for more information

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