Oceanco has over 20 years of experience in the ship repair industry. We provide a wide range of vessel repair and engineering support services; from structural repair, to gas-free engineering and diesel repair.

We take great pride in the quality of our work and the professionalism of our staff.

Oceanco understands that your problems require quick and effective solutions and we will respond quickly to your request.

Services in our Marine & Ship Repair Panama

High Quality Ship Repair

We employ skilled craftsmen with excellent project management so you do not have to be concerned about anything whilst we are undertaking your ship repair in Panama.

Marine Repair Services include Structural Repair, Welding, Pipe fitting, Ship fitting, Machining, Steel Plate and different surfaces treatment, Paint and Coatings, Pipe Repair, Electrical Services, Cable installation, and many other.

Oceano provides professional welding and repair teams to the all kinds of vessels using all kinds of welding types

Piping & Fuel System

One of the most important areas of our expertise is the repair of marine piping and fuel systems. Our piping department carries out all kinds of repairs during layby and voyage. The finishing process can be completed within a short time. Our highly skilled personnel are experienced in modification and repair of any type of piping system

Mechanical Equipment & Engines

Wear on engines, materials and components in shipping differs due to the intensified conditions resulting from being in water. Whatever mechanical engineering-related repair or retrofitting is required – we can provide it. From propulsion, shaft, winches and pumps to hydraulic units/hydraulic cylinders: our service engineers and fitters manage your marine and offshore equipment. They handle even the trickiest of tasks by using their appropriate expertise, (tools) and lots of motivation.

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