When we  started importing and distributing safety and marine equipment in Panama, our main goal was to bring quality products to the Panama market and ensure safety of all kind of workers. The company cooperates with leading European brands, because there are no compromises when it comes to safety marine hardware supplies in Panama.

When it comes to marine hardware, Oceanco is your one-stop shop in Panama.

Oceano focuses on your vessel’s operating requirements, including engine-related parts and running gear, electrical products, pumps and replacement parts, plumbing fittings, sandpaper and other abrasives, and cleaning products. Our huge inventory also includes anchoring and docking equipment, fishing gear, chairs and pedestals, deck and hull hardware, ventilation materials, lighting products, tools and fasteners.

Marine Hardware Supplies in Panama: Safety Equipment

Quality safety equipment is crucial for doing your job properly and protect you from any danger within it. Don’t take unnecessary risks, trust our leading brands.

Marine Equipment

We provide all boat essentials which you always need to have on-board, for both leisure and commercial activities.

Service of Portable Devices

Oceanco provides you with cost effective service and calibration of all portable devices existing onboard including UTI, Gas Detectors, Temperature and Pressure Calibrators.

Our experienced service personnel receives regular training and offers you premium quality repair, calibration, maintenance and spare parts replacement – fully compliant with the latest regulations and makers’ requirements.

Firefighting & Personal Safety

Oceano offers Inspections and Annual Maintenance to your firefighting and personal safety equipment to help you reduce the risk of damage to your vessel, injuries to your crew and customers, and fines from fire code noncompliance.

Our range of services include the inspection of:

  • Portable and Wheeled Fire Extinguishers
  • Breathing Apparatuses and Emergency Escape Breathing Devices
  • Medical Oxygen Resuscitators and Cylinders
  • Immersion Suits and Inflatable Life Jackets
  • Fixed CO2 Systems
  • Wet Chemical Systems
  • Foam Systems and Foam Applicators

With our Oceano inspection Services you can be confident that your equipment is:

  • Properly serviced and certified
  • Appropriate for the specific hazards in your facilities
  • Fully charged and ready for immediate use
  • Guaranteed compliance with national, state and local requirements

For more information on Marine Hardware Supplies Panama please contact us at 430-5233 and visit our website here