InicioMaintenance of Marine hose and pipeline in Panama

Maintenance of Marine hose and pipeline in Panama with the help of Oceanco experts who offer complete solutions and support with the goal of maximizing our customers’ safety and their ropes’ operational life. We  offer flexible services, from rope inspection and non-destruction examination (NDE) services to post-retirement examination and feedback systems.

Oceanco provides customers with installation and replacement services, as well as with failure criteria and rope maintenance training to ensure optimum safety and rope life.

We are experts in maintaining and upgrading hydraulic systems in Marine applications. We serve dredging vessels that make the waters navigable, cargo ships, passenger cruisers and large luxury yachts

Crucial role for crew and cargo safety

We realize that the hydraulic systems used on ships play a crucial role for crew and cargo safety. Whether these are engine room control systems, stability or manoeuvring or dredging systems, Fluiconnecto has you covered.

Our services for marine applications consider the extreme working conditions found at sea or fresh water. We take pride in supplying high quality stainless steel fittings and hoses assemblies with a cover that resists rough weather conditions.

Maintenance of Marine hose and pipeline in Panama

Service offering.

Oceanco provides support to help you get the best return from your rope

  • Post-retirement rope analysis
  • Rope condition assessment
  • Forensic investigation
  • Rope mechanical/torque-turn/bending fatigue testing
  • Destruction testing and wire tensile testing
  • Rope selection and specification
  • Training in rope use and rope life extension
  • Troubleshooting and guidance for ropes in use
Mantenimiento de Mangueras y Tuberias Marinas en Panama
Mantenimiento de Mangueras y Tuberias Marinas en Panama

On-site services

  • Maintenance
  • Periodic and annual examinations including NDE and rope sample testing
  • Installation and installation supervision
  • Lubricants
  • Oil flushing
  • Pressure testing
  • Hose cleaning
  • Product certification

Product package

Oceanco can supply your vessel with high quality products from Bridon Ropes and our other trusted suppliers. Trust us with your:

  • hose assemblies and connectors
  • Industrial hoses
  • Bite Ring fittings and rigid piping
  • Stainless steel fittings & couplings
  • Components of your hydraulic systems such as: pumps, motors, cylinders, actuators, valves, electrovalves, pressure switches, filters and more!

Count on Oceanco’s trained technicians to:

  • Be experts in the fabrication and industrial hose assemblies
  • Have passed rigorous factory training requirements
  • Identify hose problems and repair/replace the defective components
  • Examine hose systems for ruptures, leaks, and wear
  • Work around your schedule and provide you with the best service possible.

Oceanco can also take care of the maintenance of the mooring ropes of your ship, know more here

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