Marine painting is an often overlooked, but very important, procedure. If done right, marine painting will enhance your ship. A good paint job will improve the look of your ship and make it easier to clean.

Marine painting is a very complex operation. You need to be able to choose the right paint to cover your ship’s topsides, bottom and deck. In most cases, it is beneficial to seek a professional when you make the decision to paint your boat.

Panamax Oceanco Marine Safety and Supply  are are trained to know exactly what paint to use and how to apply the paint to give your boat maximum protection.

Ship Painting Services Panama

Technical Service

To ensure optimum result of your coating investment Panamax Oceanco Marine Safety and Supply   offers high quality and efficient technical service through a uniform standard.

Panamax Oceanco Marine Safety and Supply s technical service is first and foremost a team of qualified coating advisors who carry out the main part of their jobs at site.

Panamax Oceanco Marine Safety and Supply   are educated through an extensive internal training programme called Team No.1, and the majority is certified to NACE or FROSIO.

How may we service you?

The services we offer are:

  • Professional coating advice for your paint project
    • Suggest the best solution and optimum work process for your project
    • Advice on application of specific products
    • Follow up all steps of the painting process
  • Survey and advice how to maintain your assets
  • Onsite or onboard training of your staff on how to maintain your assets

Marine and Protective Coatings colour collections

While Jotun has a reputation for being able to offer the most advanced and technically protective products for your business, Panamax Oceanco Marine Safety and Supply   also take pride in the fact that our solutions are aesthetically pleasing.

We have a variety of different colour collections, and our topcoats can also be provided in most RAL, BS, Munsell and other standard societies’ colours from Jotun Multicolor Industry centres.

Our anticorrosive primers are available in a range of colours, and some are tintable to a wide range of colours using Jotun Multicolor Industry system. For details of colour availability please contact Panamax Oceanco Marine Safety and Supply  for more details.

In addition to Ship Painting Services Panama can also consult by Marine Hydro Blasting Panama