Hydro Blasting, Surface Preparation and Painting

Marine Hydro Blasting Panama with Oceanco carry out for the removal of old paint systems and rust from your vessel. UHP blasting is the modern, environmentally friendly way of preparing a surface for coatings application.

Even the most modern or expensive coatings will fail if the surface is not properly prepared, Hydro Blasting provides the cost effective solution for surface preparation in marine sector.

Oceanco provides a variety of tank cleaning services including cleaning for preventative maintenance and removal of coatings.  Our employees are extensively trained in confined space entry and rescue when required to enter tanks that may have contained hazardous acids, caustics, and chemicals

Our comprehensive waterjet equipment of up to 2800bar pressure, is able to remove the any kind of coating on a variety of surfaces:

Hydro Blasting

Our Marine Hydro Blasting Panama unit enables us to remove any coating, taking the substrate back to its original profile, and unlike other “traditional” surface preparation methods, ensuring the surface is completely contaminant free. The fresh water blasting will remove not only the visible surface coating but will clean away the salt deposits that be left behind with conventional grit blasting.

Environment Friendly

One of major advantages that Hydro Blasting holds over abrasive blasting is the effect on the environment,

Abrasive blasting creates several environmental and health and safety issues, it creates a cloud of dust, covering everything in the vicinity with a fine abrasive layer of dust, you end up with a pile of grit on floor as well as the surface coating you have removed with Hydro Blasting the only arisings are the redundant surface coatings which when dry can be swept up and disposed of safely, you have none of the contamination from dust, and none of the purchase, cleanup and disposal costs for the used abrasive.

Marine Hydro Blasting Panama

Benefits of using Hydroblasting:

  • Quick Elimination of rust, ashes, solids and other deposits on all metal structures
  • Able to clean inner and outer surface of pipes and machinery eliminating the fouling inside the pipes
  • Cleaning of tanks, fuel deposits and reservoirs having the ability of using hot water.
  • Total Removal of debris
  • Fast and effective results
  • Clean surfaces saturated by oils and greases
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Minimizes time working
  • Reduces maintenance time and costs

Remember that Oceanco can also take charge of the maintenance and repair of your liferafts, more information here