Panamaxmarine Oceanco offers amost comprehensive range of high-quality personal protective equipment for all maritime applications, standards and requirements.​

Personal  protective  equipment  is  a  common  name  for  respiratory  protection,  eye  protection,  gloves,  special  working  clothes  (e.g.  protective  clothing,  thermal  suits,  and  waterproof  clothes),  ear  protectors,  different  forms  of  safety  shoes  or  rubber boots (protection footwear), safety helmets, protection against falls etc.

You must use personal protective equipment in order to protect yourself from a risk that may threaten your safety or health when working.

Safety of self and co-workers is the prime priority kept in mind by a professional seafarer while working onboard ship. All shipping companies ensure that their crew follow personal safety procedures and rules for all the operation carried onboard ships.

To achieve utmost safety on board ship, the basic step is to make sure that everybody wears their personal protective equipments made for different types of jobs carried out on ship.

High-quality Marine personal protective equipment

We stock the following high-quality personal protective equipment

  • Protective Clothing. It is popularly known as “dangri “or “boiler suit”.
  • Helmet
  • Safety Shoes
  • Safety Hand gloves
  • Safety harness
  • Face mask
  • Welding shield
  • Flashlight
  • Head Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Eye and Face Protection
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Breathing Apparatus – Escape and Working sets
  • Flame Retardant Clothing
  • Chemical Resistant Clothing
  • Foul Weather and Thermal Clothing
  • Hi visibility, Antistatic, FR and Chemical resistant Workwear

New, innovative, quality products that fulfil the latest Standards that will exceed expectations of performance and that are manufactured with the demands of the professional in mind.

With training and support to our customers. Our goal is to enhance worker safety, improve productivity and create confidence in the workplace.

Your business is important to us and we hope our website will provide you with information about our products and services.

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