Why Servicing Your Life Raft is Important

A life raft is one of the most vital pieces of safety equipment on board a vessel. It has been designed, tested, and approved to save your life in the event one must abandon ship. Our life raft repair services and maintenance Panama is the best option to keep the safety of your ship up to date.

The only way to ensure that your life raft is in exceptional condition and ready for deployment is to have it inspected. Inspections ensure that your life raft will perform and operate as designed. Inspections and service are the only way to combat the wide range of elements the life raft is subject to each year that accelerate the natural aging process of the life raft and its components. By inspecting your life raft, you will increase the life expectancy of the unit and most importantly restore your confidence while on open waters.

Periodic servicing and maintenance

Like any equipment, even life rafts require periodic servicing and maintenance. The reasons for life raft repairing and their maintenance can be enumerated as follows:

  • Constant usage during drills or previous emergencies can render the life raft weather worn which could cause problems at the time of emergencies.
  • The inflation system of the raft could have problems and the lack of the same could pose problems during exigency situations.
  • There are a few necessary instrumentations that are stored in the life rafts for using as and when the situation arises. The lack of workability of these equipments necessitates life raft servicing.

Life raft repair services do not just mean repairing and servicing the rafts. They include proper prior inspection and monitoring carried out by qualified technicians. Generally, the inspection of the rafts for any problems or damage is prescribed to be carried annually. A regular yearly monitoring of the life raft ensures longevity of its usage for a considerable span of time.

Documentation, servicing and testing for Life Raft Repair Services and Maintenance Panama

OCEANCO has a detailed procedure for liferaft servicing to maintain highest quality standards. All the information related to inspection and certifications are archived according to regulations.

The servicing includes cleaning, inside and outside inspections, repair work and replacements of liferaft equipment (if needed).

The serviced liferaft goes through different testing procedure that are subjected to various intervals according to international regulations.

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