Maritime Services in Panama with Oceanco guarantee the best possible service by offering trained professionals and the best equipment on the market

Oceanco proudly offers an international maritime service of provision and maintenance of safety and fire fighting equipment on different types of vessels.

We have more than 30 years experience and offer a dynamic and efficient service throughout Panama.

Oceanco has forged client relationships with companies in numerous industries including tug & barge, international shipping, commercial fishing, passenger vessels and yachting.

Our factory trained technicians, dedicated lab space and fleet of service vehicles enable us to fulfill our customers service requirements on a 24/7 basis

What include Maritime Services in Panama?

Highest Standards
Our employees are held to the highest standards to ensure dependability in our life-saving equipment. We will take time out of our day to answer any questions or concerns our customers may have, and build relationships because we consider this as more than just a job as our customers are more than just customers.

We sell and service marine safety equipment such as life rafts, immersion suits, EPIRBs, pyrotechnics, and more.
We offer door to deck delivery services for ship’s spare parts anywhere in Panama. We can also handle deck to door service for parts landed from any vessel.

Immersion Suit Inspection Services
Both the manufacturer and Coast Guard require that suits be tested as follows:
• First service is due 2 years after manufacture date
• Second service is due 4 years after manufacture date (or 2 years after the first service)
• After 4 years, must be inspected annually

EPIRB Inspection Services
EPIRBs should be self-tested monthly

Hydrostatic releases expire every 2 years and are user replaceable.

The battery expires after 5-10 years (depending on the manufacturer)

Liferaft Servicing
Most life rafts need to be serviced annually. There should be a placard or label on your raft listing the month and year it needs to be serviced.

Please visit our contact page and fill out an inquiry form listing the service or product that you may require and we will be sure to respond as quickly as possible.