Strategically located in the city of Colón, Oceanco offers a complete Panama Ship Repair Service to keep your boat up to date

Oceanco began repairing ocean going vessels more than 30 years ago. Since its beginning, the dedication of our employees has given us the worldwide reputation for prompt, efficient, quality service. The company has maintained the basic foundation of ship pepair while adding extensive repair capabilities, conversion capabilities, and services.

Oceanco is ideally located for vessels transiting the Panama Canal.

Who We Are
Oceanco is a ship repair and ship maintenance provider to Ship Owners, Ship Managers and Operators worldwide.
Based in Panama, we are able to carry out our tasks in our workshop and onboard vessels Panama

Oceanco is geared to serve with our utmost quality, professionalism and we ensure that each project awardedto us will result in excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our approach to our client and jobs alike is full commitment and focus , emphasizing on the following ideals:

• Short Repair Duration.
• Low, Reasonable and Manageable Repair Cost
• Suitable, Disciplined and Qualified Workers.
• Practical Safety Practices.
• Quick Team Mobilization.

Panama Ship Repair Service

Our Skillls
Keeping ships out of dock and moving in the water where they belong is consistently underscored as repair jobs are completed on time, on budget, and with superior craftsmanship from one of the s most respected ship repair services in the business.

Oceanco production employees are skilled in the following trades:

• Welding
• Pipefitting
• Shipfitting
• Painting/ Coating
• Machining
• Marine Electrical
• Crane Operations

Safety of our employees and clients are a top priority.

General Ship Repair and Works

Repair and replacement works for ladders, gratings, ventilation lourves, ventilation heads, valves , funnel , gangway, bollards, ship renaming, tank cleaning, main engine scavenger cleaning.

Strainers, watertight doors, manholes, pipe supports, air-conditioning problems, heat exchangers , deck hydroblasting/painting and items are also handled by us.

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