Oceanco Sefety & Supply (PANAMAX) S.A supplies a wide range of stores and equipment to the vessels and its crew, including cabin, deck, engine, electrical and safety stores, charts, publications and tools.

From the beginning we were known for our honesty and reliability which has built our high reputation and expanded our vessels network.

Oceanco Sefety & Supply (PANAMAX) S.A are able to prepare and deliver supplies at short notice, taking into account the turnaround time of vessels visiting our ports. We pride ourselves on being reliable and being able to cater to your specific needs by using our wide network of service partners in the region, in order to not only service you in Panama, but also to provide supplies at other ports as well.

Dedicated professional team

We have dedicated professional team and a warehouse in Colon Panama, storing most of the items requested by vessels transiting the Panama Call or visiting the Atlantic and Pacific ports. This facilitates us to fulfill the essels requirements by supplying high standard quality items at reasonable prices at the right time.

Oceanco Sefety & Supply (PANAMAX) S.A has successfully achieved significant appreciation for its solid dedication to supply products that meets quality requirement to satisfy vessels expectation through prompt and reliable services.

Types of stores in Equipment shipping supplies Panama

Cabin Stores

• Galley/Dining utensils & Equipment
• Clothing & Linen items
• Brushware
• Hygiene
• Stationery & consumables
• Medical Equipment & supplies

Deck Stores

• Rope & Hawsers
• Cargo & Deck Equipment
• Marine Paints & Paint Spraying
• Safety & Fire-fighting Equipment
• Bridge Equipment

Engine Stores

• Hoses & Couplings
• Lubicants, Chemicals, Solvents & Cleaners
• Powered Tools & Equipment
• Hand Tools
• Cutting Tools

Safety Products

We believe safety is always first and of paramount importance to all at worksites. We are able to provide reliable, quality and affordability products in Body Protection, Face Production, Fall Protection, Helmets, Footwear, Eyewear and disposal products.

Customer Spares

As one stop service to Ship Owners and Managers, we handle the coordination and clearance of ship spares, transport them to our warehouse for safekeeping, and deliver them to your vessel together with the stores ordered.

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