Panamaxmarine Oceanco is a leading ship-supply agency & services and ship-repair company, and it is one of the well-known and reputable companies that lead the sector through operations in all Panama Ports, Shipyards and Straits with many years experience.

Our company also provides marine and offshore supplies, marine equipment, spare parts and numerous services.
We own and operate a fleet of aunches with adequate deck space & passengers capacity to support offshore operations.

We also provide ware housing facilities, in house clearance & forwarding, and transportations/logistical support to ensure supply services are delivered in time and at any given time.

Ship Supply Services Panama

Key Service Attributes

• Trusted & reliable partner
• Professional , well experienced and dedicated team
• Excellent relations with all Port authorities and local vendors
• Ability to offer customised solutions to each principal
• High standards of local procurement powers and operational effectiveness
• Resourceful supervision of costs and service levels
• Flexibility to accommodate last minute changes in arrangements

Safety Services & supply

Life Rafts Leasing, Rentals & Servicing
are also able to offer the purchase of new life rafts as well as the rental of life rafts whilst yours are undergoing their annual service.

We are able to offer the full range of pyrotechnics for the vessel as well as replacement ones for the life rafts.

Fire Safety
We offer full servicing of all types of fire extinguishers i.e foam, CO2 and dry powder in selected ports.
We service firefighting, rescue and safety equipment including instrument calibration and analysis of foam concentrate and dry chemical powder.

Tank Cleaning
Specialist in tank cleaning and air cooler cleaning, full range of tank cleaning accessories.

Highly qualified engineers
Highly qualified engineering specialists inspect and control ships CO2 stations, foam, powder and halon fire-extinguishing installations, portable fire-extinguishers, air breathing apparatuses and fire alarm systems. The company applies modern technologies of shipping diagnostics.

In addition to Ship Supply Services Panama, you can also consult on marine engine maintenance services