OCEANCO SAFETY & SUPPLY (PANAMAX) is a leading company in the fields of ship supplying and safety services in Panama. OCEANCO SAFETY & SUPPLY (PANAMAX) is established over the years as an important partner to the marine world in Panama.  We have invested in recruiting and training the best professionals in order to build a truly exceptional team.

We have created client relationships with companies in numerous industries including tug & barge, international shipping, commercial fishing, passenger vessels, yachting, environmental and marine construction.

Our long-term success is predicated on a value-oriented corporate culture with three central strengths: the supply of top-quality products and high-standard services, the flexibility in operation with a 24/7 working model and the expertise of our employees.

Ship safety services

OCEANCO SAFETY & SUPPLY (PANAMAX) provides fire fighting, life saving instruments and safety equipments inspection services, maintenance, repair, reporting and sales wide range of certified the best quality safety products and spares that comply International Standards and Rules to meet your requirements. Our safety experts, contracted service stations and workshops authorized by manufacturers are fully trained, experienced, certified by IACS Members and comply with Flag State requirements.

OCEANCO SAFETY & SUPPLY (PANAMAX) provide the following ship supplying and safety services in Panama:

  • Accident prevention
  • Fire prevention and fire fighting
  • Rescue and resuscitation
  • Abandon ship and survival at Sea
  • Enclosed space entry
  • Cargo hazards
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Safety equipment use and maintenance
  • Inert gas operations


Our service team follows regularly liferaft training courses with fully qualified instructors that are held either in our station or in international training centers to ensure that they are educated in all aspects of liferaft servicing.

All necessary testing is performed to your liferafts in order to ensure they can function regardless of the weather conditions, and a wide range of brand-approved spare parts is offered to ensure your liferafts include only the proper relevant equipment.

Firefighting & Personal Safety

OCEANCO SAFETY & SUPPLY (PANAMAX) offers Inspections and Annual Maintenance to your firefighting and personal safety equipment to help you reduce the risk of damage to your vessel, injuries to your crew and customers, and fines from fire code noncompliance.

Our range of services include the inspection of:

  • Portable and Wheeled Fire Extinguishers
  • Breathing Apparatuses and Emergency Escape Breathing Devices
  • Medical Oxygen Resuscitators and Cylinders
  • Immersion Suits and Inflatable Life Jackets
  • Fixed CO2 Systems
  • Wet Chemical Systems
  • Foam Systems and Foam Applicators

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